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Material Volume: cm3
Box Volume: cm3
Surface Area: cm2
Model Weight: g
Model Dimensions: x x cm

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  • Leapfrog 3D Printer
  • M3D Printer
  • Red ABS
  • Elephant Gray ABS
  • Biscuit Brown PLA
  • Jungle Green PLA
  • Vintage Gray PLA
  • Outer Space Black PLA
  • Hot Pink PLA
  • Brilliant Blue PLA
  • Glow in the Dark PLA
  • Electrical Blue PLA
  • Water Soluble PVA
  • Pure Gold PLA
  • Artistic Yellow PLA
  • Black PLA
  • Red PLA
  • Nylon
  • Ninjaflex
  • Brick
  • Designer White PLA
  • White PLA
  • Raven Black PLA
  • Pink PLA
  • Brilliant Blue ABS
  • Charming Red ABS
  • Tooth White ABS
  • Royal Silver ABS
  • No Nonsense Natural ABS
  • Raven Black ABS